5 steps on The International Women’s Day

8 marzo, 2016 Ciara O'Higgins


Today is International Women’s Day. I must confess to agreeing with those who question the point of a single day, when the issue is important all year round. That said, if a day (or a provocative act, say, in parliament) brings an issue to the forefront and provokes a constructive debate, then so be it, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day!

This year’s UN theme is “Step It Up for Gender Equality”. So I ask myself: Do we, in Europe, need to step it up for gender equality in science, technology and innovation?

Step 1: what does the literature say?

According to the She Figures 2015 Report, although there is relative parity in university graduates, women represent only 28% of graduates in engineering, manufacturing and construction. In 2011, women made up only 33% of EU researchers in all sectors, and are underrepresented in academic positions and in scientific boards. Continuar leyendo