Artificial Intelligence and industrial automation in the Basque Country: Opportunities and challenges ahead

Industrial automation in the Basque Country: Opportunities and challenges ahead


Recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have triggered great developments into automation of routinary activities within industry. These achievements have made possible some disruptive innovations while at the same time, these have started to spark automation anxieties and concerns about the future of work and massive unemployment and deskilling.

To face these concerns, it is necessary to gather industry representatives, citizens, and stakeholders to discuss, think and prototype solutions that can put citizens at the centre of technological developments.

In order to do so, TECNALIA as the leader of this case study, has conducted a mapping of the innovation ecosystem in the Basque Country region, including considerations on the context, barriers and opportunities for the introduction of new technologies, key actors, networks, and relevant actions and interactions. Continuar leyendo


What skills will be needed in the healthcare industry in 10 years

16 julio, 2020 Iñaki Ortego Isasa


This report is based on a roundtable discussion with top level members of academia, industry and investors held on the 27th June 2019 at the Health Horizons Future Healthcare Forum in Cambridge, UK organize by Innovation Forum. The Innovation Forum is an accelerator for healthcare ventures.

I am a member of the Basque Branch. I had the chance to be in the roundtable and these are the main conclusions and summarize of the main ideas that were discussed. The ultimate success of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy is closely tied to the ability to train and recruit the best possible workforce, equipped with a breadth of critical skills. As a highly diverse sector, life sciences are dependent on a skills base that covers the major areas of biomedical science. Continuar leyendo