Exoskeletons without frontiers and without crutches

Exoskeletons without frontiers and without crutches

11 enero, 2018 Jan Veneman


All exoskeletons that are currently available on the market are assistive exercise tools for people that are normally bound to a wheelchair; they allow them to leave their wheelchair and to walk again, but only for short distances and short times.

An ultimate promise is that such impaired wheelchair-bound persons, for example dealing with a spinal cord injury, one day can fully rely on an exoskeleton for their daily life mobility, and would not need a wheelchair at all anymore, but again could stand up and walk like a healthy subject. Continuar leyendo

Robot revolution

Robot revolution is taking place!

30 mayo, 2017 Jan Veneman


Robotic guides that show tourists the way in an unknown city. Robots that operate patients, performing a surgery on their own, only supervised by a surgeon. One could say we are living in the times of robotification.

Many types of machines are becoming more “autonomous” where before a human operator was always in control, different machines now start to control themselves. And where before robots were only found as manipulators for efficient mass production to be found in factories. Nowadays robots are entering the “human environment” and are moving among us and are even interacting with us: a true robot revolution is taking place! Continuar leyendo


It is an exciting time for “robotics for mobility”

26 enero, 2016 Jan Veneman


Nobody knows what will be the next big game changer in the way we do things, after the introduction of internet, but many think this may have to do with the introduction of robots into our all day life. Currently we hear and see often news about revolutionary technology, such as drones and self-driving cars. For many people such devices are maybe not what they think of when they hear the word ‘robot’, but for an engineer such machines are robots in all aspects. 

In this article we will focus on “robotics for mobility” or “wearable robots”; yet another field of robotics that is around the corner, and that also maybe will change the way we work and move and organize ourselves. Continuar leyendo