Phileas Fogg in today’s corporate world

Phileas Fogg in today’s corporate world

22 junio, 2017 Ciara O'Higgins


When, in 1872, Phileas Fogg set out to travel the world in 80 days he was described as perfectionist, calculating, methodical and idealistic. Were these the characteristics that got his enterprise around the world? Or was it his well-travelled, fixer valet passepartout who, as his name would lead us believe, got him through everywhere he had to go?

Much of the same questions were on the table in this year’s edition of Mundura Begira: What is it companies need for their international ventures to be a success? Well planned policies and methodical execution of these policies or the flexibility to adapt to each situation and its specific circumstances? Continuar leyendo


5 steps on The International Women’s Day

8 marzo, 2016 Ciara O'Higgins


Today is International Women’s Day. I must confess to agreeing with those who question the point of a single day, when the issue is important all year round. That said, if a day (or a provocative act, say, in parliament) brings an issue to the forefront and provokes a constructive debate, then so be it, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day!

This year’s UN theme is “Step It Up for Gender Equality”. So I ask myself: Do we, in Europe, need to step it up for gender equality in science, technology and innovation?

Step 1: what does the literature say?

According to the She Figures 2015 Report, although there is relative parity in university graduates, women represent only 28% of graduates in engineering, manufacturing and construction. In 2011, women made up only 33% of EU researchers in all sectors, and are underrepresented in academic positions and in scientific boards. Continuar leyendo


Solo sé que no sé nada

17 diciembre, 2015 Ciara O'Higgins


Las cinco primeras escuelas de negocio del mundo; Harvard, London Business School, Wharton, Stanford e INSEAD incluyen formación en gestión intercultural en sus MBAs y programas de dirección. Me atrevo, por lo tanto, a concluir que consideran que es una competencia clave para un directivo que opera en el escenario global.

Sin embargo, en mi experiencia, es una competencia cuya importancia está infravalorada. Es complejo auto-diagnosticarnos y existen pocos instrumentos para hacerlo, pero también porque tendemos a equiparar la ausencia de conflictos con tener buenas competencias. En efecto, si preguntamos a nuestro alrededor, a menudo obtendremos una respuesta del tipo “bueno, nunca he tenido ningún problema, creo que sí, que me arreglo bastante bien”. Continuar leyendo


Passion, self-confidence and no fear of failure

10 noviembre, 2015 Ciara O'Higgins


On Friday 30th of October my colleagues from TECNALIA Ventures organised this month’s Entrepreneur’s Club session on the topic of Women Entrepreneurs. Though it’s true I have a keen interest on the topic of women in business, I am in no way knowledgeable about entrepreneurship so I was not only pleasantly surprised to be invited to moderate the session, but curious to hear what these honoured guests had to say.

After waiting a few minutes to see how powerful an enemy the splendid Friday afternoon sun would be, we got right to presenting the session and our four speakers:

 Note: You can find a short bio of each at the end of this post. Continuar leyendo