Welcome to TECNALIA. Happy Christmas!

12 diciembre, 2017 Leire Agüero Suárez


Watch our Christmas Film to welcome in the new year!  

Opening up your home. Asking the people you love to come in.
Taking a break from your everyday routine.
Showing people what you’re really like.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Since the very beginning, at TECNALIA we have always been open to companies, society and innovation, and this time of year we want to be especially close to people. Close to you.

Welcome to our home. Come and get to know us a little better. And remember that we’ll continue to work with you to face new challenges in the future. But for now, let’s just enjoy the moment.

Let´s welcome in the new year TOGETHER.


Welcome to TECNALIA (lyrics)

The world keeps on turning
We’ve got a lot to do
Thinking ‘bout the future
Inspiring Business, yeah that’s what it is
oh yeah.

Seeking the world transformation
To identify opportunities.
Technology and innovation
For a better life, for you and me

Welcome to TECNALIA
Whether Basque or Indian
Welcome to TECNALIA

Always close to business
Open to Society
Always seeking innovation
Plenty of ideas in our mind

Welcome to TECNALIA
Whether Basque or Indian
Welcome to TECNALIA

And now that Christmas is coming
It’s time to celebrate.
Toasting to a new year
Enjoy the holidays and… all the best!

Welcome to TECNALIA
Welcome to TECNALIA
The future is for you.

TECNALIA (oh, oh, oh)
TECNALIA (oh, oh, oh)
TECNALIA (oh, oh, oh)
TECNALIA (oh, oh, oh)

(To the tune of “Sweet Home Alabama”)

Sobre Leire Agüero Suárez

Leire Agüero es Licenciada en Periodismo, Itinerario Económico Institucional y de Empresa por la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y de la Comunicación de la UPV/EHU.
Community Manager de TECNALIA.
Diseñadora gráfica y blogger de donde relata sus experiencias y conocimiento acerca del márketing, la comunicación y el diseño.
Escribir es una de sus grandes pasiones, concretamente la poesía romántica. En la sección “mis inquietudes” se deja llevar para hablar del amor, del desamor y sus hobbies.